The Customer is NEVER Right - A Nurse Practitioner's Perspective

Book Synopsis
An earnest yet unsettling account of frontline emergency healthcare in the United States of America today from the point of view of one long-term participant, a nurse practitioner. Honesty and agony jump off the page as the author closely chronicles the transformation of healthcare from a helping profession, to just one more profit-driven business.
The evidence: the telltale record of a healthcare professional’s experience working in a pressured environment, where, increasingly, patients have unreasonable expectations—encapsulated in the phrase “exaggerated unrealistic emotional expectations.”   
The Customer is NEVER Right is a testament of one man’s struggle to maintain his integrity and his job, and ultimately, failing, at least in terms of the job. A great deal of effort, thought, and emotion was poured into this work, pointing out the serious problems between healthcare administrations and the status of healthcare. This work is a useful contribution to the current healthcare debate going on at many levels in our nation.