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AAR Patient Safety (NursesTakeDC) Conference, Alexandria, VA 4 May 2017
NO more posting for you!
A letter to a champion for healthcare
An invitation to join a Facebook group


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AAR Patient Safety (NursesTakeDC) Conference, Alexandria, VA 4 May 2017

My own After Action Review (AAR) once again, as there were no attendee evaluations, for the conference presentation titled “MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN!” This time in DC (4 May 2017). However, several attendees, like conferences before did provide compliments.
What was supposed to happen (GOAL)?
1. Bring Awareness 
2. Recruit Companions 
3. Arouse Change
What was the plan to achieve this? 15-minute podium presentation without Q and A. Presentation slides included links to the book’s web and Facebook pages, to include at the end of the presentation a slide that directs those interested to follow-up via those page links.


Scope: Healthcare, a time-honored profession, is genuinely dedicated to helping others and OBLIGATED with saving lives and stomping out disease. Despite that heritage and DUTY healthcare has been cheapened, by any means necessary and at the cost of so much, into just another customer-driven service. Rating healthcare has done nothing for healthcare but leave behind a significant trail of collateral damage and our nation’s current silent national crisis.

 Try listing a single benefit from rating healthcare!

NO more posting for you!

After posting on agroup's walland not seeing the words published I requested them back as I thought those words were being censored and I had not kept a copy of them. I commonly keep a copy of almost everything I publish to keep everyone following the blog abreast of what I am up to with taking healthcare back to MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! Never did I expect anyone to censor and delete my words.

Nonetheless, my words were censored and deleted without me knowing. Not good! What follows is the conversation of me attempting to get my words back.

A letter to a champion for healthcare

I sent the following letter to a champion for healthcare. His reply, "I LOVE IT." (Yes, ALL CAPS!)


Good morning, 0046hrs. I just watched your video about the savage crime against a healthcare worker. In 2012, I published “The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective”. Since, I have been on a single man crusade to ABOLISH rating healthcare and putting healthcare and healthcare workers FIRST!

An invitation to join a Facebook group

Recently, I was asked to join “another” Facebook group on a crusade for healthcare worker justice. This group’s goal to eliminate healthcare directed violence, a cause I hold with high regard. The problem with these groups is that they rise from EXAGGERATED UNREALISTIC EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS. Sound familiar? By no means do I mock these groups but I do have hesitations as my intentions are thought out and NOT knee-jerk reactions to emotions. This group getting its start after a healthcare worker was kidnapped, brutally assaulted and savagely raped while at work, caring for others, 13 May 2017.


The New Mexico Nurse practitioners council [NMNPC] invites you to participate in our fall conferenceNovember 17th at the Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe, NM

NMNPC seeks presentations illustrating research, practice innovations, role development, advanced practice education, initiatives, or evaluation processes that showcase excellent practice. The fall conference will focus on screening, treating and providing support to victims of sexual assault.

The NMNPC abstract review committee will review all speaker abstracts submitted prior to the deadline and adhering to submission guidelines.

A letter to a VALIANT and BIG heart!

On 19 May 2017,a healthcare worker suffered a savage and violent ordealNO one should ever go through, much less while at work helping others. Healthcare directed violence in NOT new. If anything, healthcare directed violence is our great nation’s silent national crisis that has gone unchecked by healthcare administrators and pundits despite the violence has become more frequent, more brazen and more violent in the last ten to twenty years. And our professional and government organizations have NOTHING to offer except “feel-good” policies that are IMPOTENT as they purposely fall short as to NOT offend patients or families.

A Mistake in Identity/Intent

Another airline dissatisfied customer intended to take down an airline carrier when instead the airline may have been looking out for those without a voice. InThe Customer is NEVER RightI mention that customers have no idea of the bigger picture when they complain. Here is a possible case in point. Possible, as I am not certain but a good probability based on my gut feeling which for the most part has been a pretty good indicator that something just isn't right. When readingthis storyfrom another point of view, mine instead of those who complained, I clearly saw a mistake in identity with good intent rather malice intent from the flight attendant.

Only dead fish go with the flow

For more than two years The Customer is NEVER Right Facebook page followed a Facebook page dedicated to human trafficking. As a healthcare worker, my greatest fear is NOT that I get the wrong diagnosis or even that I might cause injury and/or even death to a patient. My GREATEST fear is that I will discharge someone to their abuser. Eighty percent of those rescued from human trafficking, children, boys or girls, adults, men or women, whether in sex, slavery, or servitude trafficking, 80% of them have said that during their captivity they sought medical attention.

The Well Written Nurse (Not me. It's a class!)

drove 400 miles to attend a one-day storytelling course to try to improve my storytelling during podium presentations. The class’s title was “The Well Written Nurse: Storytelling for Health Care Professionals” taught byErsilia Pompilio, a freelance writer and author who also happens to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Consultant, and Nurse Professor/Educator. A NURSE! Ersilia was GREAT and the course was AWESOME! The other three persons attending the class were NURSES as well and they were GREAT storytellers.
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