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Letter to Dr. Kelli Ward
Healthcare's "few indeed bad apples". WHAT!?!
They called it, “Violence in nursing”: I call it, “Healthcare Directed Violence”
Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction, NOT!
What just HAPPENED!?!


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Letter to Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward,

I AM A NURSE! Like you a member of a time-honored profession, healthcare, trusted with saving lives and stomping out disease. In 2012, I published “The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective”—a provocative account about customer service in healthcare and our great nation’s silent national crisis—the overwhelming amount of collateral damage left behind from placating to patients.

Rating healthcare is NOT about healthcare but solely about customer retention for profits.

Healthcare's "few indeed bad apples". WHAT!?!

Just happen to come acrossanother healthcare administrator bashing healthcare workersfor the administrator's personal gain. NOT judging anyone but a diagnosis.

My first thought and reply to the article's author...Are you FREAKING kidding me? Well maybe the second thought and reply as the first one was a bit more inflammatory and why that's not it here.

Instead, this much more subdued version is it...

Really? Interesting that a healthcare administrator would write about the "few indeed" in healthcare rather write about the MORE common and our great nation's silent national crisis--healthcare directed violence!

They called it, “Violence in nursing”: I call it, “Healthcare Directed Violence”

First, I DO NOT like thetitle of this allnurses’ article. NOT the author’s fault. I just have a different perspective. Mine, the BEST defense is OFFENSE! With my tone set, how about “Healthcare directed violence” instead for title? The difference, Healthcare directed violence is more inclusive, as NO one in healthcare is excluded from this tragic and pervasive phenomenon, and the responsibility of EVERYONE in healthcare to eradicate.

Second, allnurses is NOT a collective voice for healthcare, despite what they state.

Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction, NOT!

Came acrossthis blog postshared byThe Nerdy Nurse. Quite impressed by what I read I sought more to read from the blog. Unfortunately, with reading I read a blog titled "Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction; can we beat it?" Disappointed by that blog I fell compelled to contact the author about it and this is that contact submission.
Hello, came across your article, “Dear America, You need to be nice,” and thought, “WOW!” The article was that good. But then read, “Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction; Can you beat it?

What just HAPPENED!?!

I came across this post in the Facebook news feed with the following comment, "This is why the age of a nurse does not indicate level of experience...anda link to the original article. A comment and article I found nonproductive for healthcare and not to mention prejudice with regard to age.

Because of the disappointing comment and article, and bias towards age I posted the following comment to the original post.

I am neither a pessimist or an optimist. I am a REALIST!

I have now worked fourteen shifts thus far at the current job and I ALREADY see the writing is on the wall. That is not a self-fulling prophesy, a phrase I cannot stand, but simply a fact instead. I have seen this movie a number of times already.
Interestingly, however, during one SAME 10-hour shift customer satisfaction went from one extreme to the other and, luckily, back. This being an argument I made inthe book, how is it possible that when the only changing variable is the patient that someone else, other than the patient, is at fault?

Transcript: STTI Vancouver, BC Podium Presentation

Transcript to STTI Vancouver, BC podium presentation (15 minutes) each number corresponds to slide.
(1)Thank you for this opportunity as so many have labeled this content as irrelevant for healthcare workers. You will disagree. Instead, you will find this a conversation that matters and that needs to be had.

(2)Raise your hands, who remembers The VIEW, a TV show, dismissing Miss Colorado USA, a nurse, as wearing a costume and borrowing a stethoscope?

(3)Raise your hands, who heard that on 13 May 2017 a nurse was kidnapped, brutally tortured and savagely raped while at work caring for others?

ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference submitted abstract

AfterAdvanced Practice Provider Executivesdeclined my podium presentation abstract I submitted one for the ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference® 2018 for 2-3 May 2018. Announcement will be 2 October 2017.

Despite healthcare administrators, pundits, and gatekeepers have labeled this content as irrelevant to healthcare workers, healthcare workers say it resonates with them and why I continue to submit abstracts.

When gatekeepers say, "No."


The First Report Card. YIKES!

After being at the new job for two months the Vice President (VP) for Strategy, not sure what that is, showed up to pay me a visit. Never met this VP, or any VPs, before so when the VP introduced himself one afternoon my first thought was, “The end has arrived.” Surprisingly, the VP had some productivity numbers he wanted to share with me and the reason for his introduction and visit. How nice (nauseating).
A couple firsts! In 30+ jobs as a nurse practitioner I have NEVER met a VP, will NEVER be able to say that again.

NMNPC 3rd Annual Fall Conference (Abstract)

The following objectives and abstract were submitted (28 Jun 2017) for podium presentation at theNMNPC 3rd Annual Fall Conference, 17 Nov 2017 in Santa Fe, NM. (NOTE: This is the 3rd abstract submitted to this organization. Keep the fingers and toes crossed!)


1. Participants will learn the history of healthcare service excellence.

2. Participants will be made aware that the current path healthcare is being “taken down", regarding customer satisfaction, is NOT good for healthcare, healthcare workers or patients.