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More of the same!
ADIOS! (Not a suicide note)


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E-mail request

I e-mailed the following:

Disclaimer: In 2012, I published “The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective” and have presented my thesis inside and outside the USA. While provocative it is a useful contribution to the many current healthcare debates going on at many levels in our great country. One of those debates the “massive nursing shortage”, as others want to misrepresent it.
There is NOT a shortage of nurse. Nurses are plentiful. Instead, there is a mass exodus! NOT only of nurses but healthcare workers in every specialty and at every level, myself included.

More of the same!

The following a comment tocommentsabout a VA hospital raising their quality scores.

WOW! That’s a LOT to unpack. (VA raises quality scores! Video [IncidentReport 130])

1      Disclaimer: I am NOT a fan of VA Healthcare as it has LONG passed its intent and ought to be ABOLISHED.

2      Stick to making diagnoses and NOT judgement. A pediatrician, even at the VA, being the Chief of Staff is NOT unheard of, regardless board certified or NOT. The analogy (sticking with the VA theme)—A veteran DISMISSED for not serving in combat.


Others question why when I was hit by patients, a story in the book, I did not press charges as I encourage others to do.
In the book, I shared a story of being hit by a patient and NOT pressing charges. YES! ME! Charges NOT charged for one reason, it’s NOT me to press charges. It’s NOT me because it’s NOT my nature. It’s NOT my nature because I CAN, WILL, and HAVE defended myself.
By NO MEANS is my behavior acceptable and much less expected of anyone. On that note, and to be clear, AMBUSING INNNOCENCE and ESPECIALLY healthcare directed violence is NOT part of ANYONE’s JOB.

ADIOS! (Not a suicide note)

M-I-C, see you real soon, NOT likely (not a suicide note).

K-E-Y, because we LOVE you, NOT either. Simply, I care!


I tried. I really, really tried. I went against my own introvert and antisocial instinct and character to take back healthcare and MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! for self and others and I failed. I wrote a book and exposed my vulnerabilities never to get them back. I tried social media and did the same, exposed my vulnerabilities, trying to spread interest and recruit companions.


The EXAGGERATED UNREALISTIC EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS highlights after the third shift at the latest new job.
-In 15+ years as a nurse practitioner working in the emergency department I have ordered Dilaudid (a synthetic opioid that is 7-10 more potent than morphine) five times, total in those 15+ years. Three of those doses I JUST ordered for the same patient on the second day at this new job. WHY? Because the patient was allergic to “everything” except, “It starts with a ‘D’ [Dilaudid] and is the ONLY thing that works for me.

Letter to Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward,

I AM A NURSE! Like you a member of a time-honored profession, healthcare, trusted with saving lives and stomping out disease. In 2012, I published “The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective”—a provocative account about customer service in healthcare and our great nation’s silent national crisis—the overwhelming amount of collateral damage left behind from placating to patients.

Rating healthcare is NOT about healthcare but solely about customer retention for profits.

Healthcare's "few indeed bad apples". WHAT!?!

Just happen to come acrossanother healthcare administrator bashing healthcare workersfor the administrator's personal gain. NOT judging anyone but a diagnosis.

My first thought and reply to the article's author...Are you FREAKING kidding me? Well maybe the second thought and reply as the first one was a bit more inflammatory and why that's not it here.

Instead, this much more subdued version is it...

Really? Interesting that a healthcare administrator would write about the "few indeed" in healthcare rather write about the MORE common and our great nation's silent national crisis--healthcare directed violence!

They called it, “Violence in nursing”: I call it, “Healthcare Directed Violence”

First, I DO NOT like thetitle of this allnurses’ article. NOT the author’s fault. I just have a different perspective. Mine, the BEST defense is OFFENSE! With my tone set, how about “Healthcare directed violence” instead for title? The difference, Healthcare directed violence is more inclusive, as NO one in healthcare is excluded from this tragic and pervasive phenomenon, and the responsibility of EVERYONE in healthcare to eradicate.

Second, allnurses is NOT a collective voice for healthcare, despite what they state.

Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction, NOT!

Came acrossthis blog postshared byThe Nerdy Nurse. Quite impressed by what I read I sought more to read from the blog. Unfortunately, with reading I read a blog titled "Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction; can we beat it?" Disappointed by that blog I fell compelled to contact the author about it and this is that contact submission.
Hello, came across your article, “Dear America, You need to be nice,” and thought, “WOW!” The article was that good. But then read, “Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction; Can you beat it?

What just HAPPENED!?!

I came across this post in the Facebook news feed with the following comment, "This is why the age of a nurse does not indicate level of experience...anda link to the original article. A comment and article I found nonproductive for healthcare and not to mention prejudice with regard to age.

Because of the disappointing comment and article, and bias towards age I posted the following comment to the original post.