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...more collateral damage!

Abby Our Therapy Dog
Abby Our Therapy Dog
While watching Lee’s video, mentioned in the previous blog, our therapy dog stood next to me looking at the monitor as if she too was watching the video with interest. However, I do not believe she was as critical as I was about it. Nonetheless, seeing her watching the video reminded me she had just lost her Therapy Dog Certification due to she had not been active during the past year. That, a direct result of me being away from home working Locum jobs and because of that my much better half’s free time to volunteer had vanished. Not blaming that on anyone, just curious if I too may lose my certification due to patient complaints rather than because of incompetence, breach of duty, or negligence, or because of injury, disability, or death to a patient, or because of prejudice, alcohol, or drug addiction, or because I am unreliable or cannot be trusted, or because I undermine those I work with as none of those have ever been the reason I been asked to resign. Yet all those, unlike patient complaints, are difficult causes for revoking a healthcare worker’s certification without an extensive inquiry.

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