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A 6,000 mile road trip book tour

After working twenty consecutive twelve hour shift in the emergency department I took some time off before having to do that again and went on a road trip. Since the book had come out and was available I brought some to pass out to family and friends. So essentially, I went on a book tour. On the road I saw a few things I thought I would share in this blog.
-A hospital in Chattanooga, TN posted a billboard along the highway that read: “Hospitals don’t help people. People do.” Of course I agreed and was excited to find a hospital willing to admit that. However, that excitement was short lived as a mile or two down the same highway, the same hospital, had another billboard. That one read: “Fast ER” and had a posted waiting time to be seen of 55mins. I should have known better.
-On the back of a truck I read an ad sign that read, “Courtesy and safety. Our goal.” Really!?! Courtesy and safety and courtesy before safety, yet again, that time with regard to truck drivers. A different truck’s sign read “Our most valuable resource sits here” and a huge arrow pointed to the cab where the driver sat. Almost like admitting, “Hospitals don’t help people. People do.” and an arrow pointed at the healthcare workers.
-During the trip I also noticed a new trend in the language where customer had been replaced with guest. One fast food restaurant had a sign posted on its drive-thru window that read “For the safety of our guest, we will not serve anyone walking up to the drive-thru window.” A number of other restaurants had changed their customer surveys to guest surveys. This, I predict will be the new trend in healthcare as well as Disneycalls their customers guest too.

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