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A Panda Express where everyone spoke Spanish and no one spoke Chinese

It is likely no one will believe this story. While on the book tour I stopped to eat at a Panda Express. For those not familiar with Panda Express, it is a combination fast-Chinese-buffet style-restaurant chain. At that one mentioned, everyone behind the counter spoke Spanish and no one spoke Chinese, not that there is anything wrong with that.
While in line waiting to place my order I noticed several ethnicities in line and the following comedy took place. Some Chinese customers with English limited proficiency were not able to verbally order their food and instead had to resort to pointing to items they desired. The lady in front of me asked the cashier, in Spanish, if he spoke Spanish to which he replied, “Yes.” And she ordered in Spanish, to her pleasure I am sure.
How did that happen? I did not hear the Chinese customer ask if anyone spoke Chinese. Not that I know what that would sound like as I do not speak Chinese but no one behind the counter did either. What is my point, some will ask? Only the Spanish speaker was given the extra accommodations yet both were English limited proficiency customers. So what? I agree, so what, the accommodation was subtle. But I would think reason enough for the Chinese person to complain as they spent about the same amount of money and only one customer was given the extra customer experience, Lee from Disney had spoken about.
I am not kidding, scout’s honor, that was just how it happened.

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