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A letter to Mighty Nurse

On 26 Jun 2013, I submitted the letter below to Mighty Nurse, an online site that claims to be a "team of nurse superheroes" with a mission "to support and empower nurses in a world that takes advantage of their unrelenting support for humanity, kindness and skills."
Whatever that means!

Nonetheless, it has been a month since I submitted the letter and I have not heard from the "team of nurse superheroes" as to whether or not they will publish my letter. I am a bit surprised as the book has been resonating with healthcare workers everywhere, and overwhelmingly with nurses, despite the fact that the targeted audience is healthcare administrators. And although I suspected some hesitation from healthcare administrators to pick up the book I did not expect them to snub the book entirely and something I mentioned to Mighty Nurse in this submitted letter. However, it appears the "team of nurse superheroes" is not interested either. Because of that, I published it here to let others know I am trying to get the word out but it looks like it is going to take a grass root effort, from healthcare workers, especially nurses, as administrators are not interested, to get others to read "The Customer is NEVER Right". Please spread the word and share with others.

The submitted letter to Mighty Nurse follows:

I authored what has been described as “a disturbing depiction of the status of frontline emergency healthcare in our great nation today”. In those writings I documented the “compelling record of one man’s struggle to maintain his integrity and his job, and, ultimately, failing, at least in terms of his job” and in Oct 2012 I published such in a book titled, “The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective”.

The book’s intent was for healthcare administrators to see a different point of view and to make them aware of the collateral damage they have inflicted on healthcare due to their idiotology [sic] of bending over just to accommodate, what I encapsulated in the book as, exaggerated unrealistic emotional expectations, entitlements, and so-called VIPs. I also pointed, out that if healthcare administrators put medical care first, focused on healthcare workers, and deflated customer service to being no more than a byproduct of world-renowned medical care and the healthcare workers who provide it, than everything else, administrators long for as success, would fall into place.

I AM A NURSE and wrote the book knowing the stories were not mine but of many healthcare workers and because of that I knew the book would resonate with healthcare workers. However, I did not foresee healthcare administrators snubbing the book. Having said that, a single administrator shared with me in private, “It took courage for you to write this. While there are those who will point out that your being let go from so many jobs shows a fault in you, many of us do recognize that the fault is trying to cater to those with the unreasonable and, often, unsafe expectations. Thanks for writing this and saying what many in [healthcare] feel."

Bad ideas are successful when good-doers stand by and do nothing, and because of that, I have chosen this forum, Mighty Nurse, to present to the choir what they already know, that healthcare has been taken down the wrong track and wrongly transformed, from the ONLY industry dedicated to helping others, to just one more profit-driven business.

Why this forum [Mighty Nurse]? Because in the book I state, “Patients may seek care from physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, but it is the NURSE who actually delivers that care and for that alone, nurses should be [valued] as the foundation of healthcare.” That is why, because nurses are mighty. Change will not come from healthcare administrators, change will only come from healthcare workers, and of them, NURSES are healthcare’s foundation, not administrators.

Many have said that “The Customer is NEVER Right” is a useful contribution to the debate currently going on at many levels in our nation about healthcare. That being reason alone to take a look at the book and pass on the attitude of getting healthcare back on track to being the only industry genuinely dedicated to helping others.

Visit the website, where I keep a blog on customer service in healthcare and "LIKE" us at

ADDENDUM (4 SEP 2013): On 26 Aug 2013, I was contacted by Mighty Nurse (MN) manager/webmaster regarding a submitted story that was being rejected due to it did not meet their guidelines, too long, greater than 1,000 words, and had been published elsewhere. They also admitted the mentioned submitted story was overlooked and why the rejection was so delayed. Unknown to MN, the rejected story was after the above story was submitted to MN first which they had not responded and why it was published here. When the above story was mentioned to MN it too was rejected for it had been published elsewhere.

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Joshua M .Felts on Thursday, August 01, 2013 12:31 AM
Jose - I appreciate you, your ideas, and your insight. I hope my article on Mighty Nurse resonated with you, as I agree with you and your views vis-a-vis the subject. I'll be purchasing your book, I hope our path again intersects in the future. Joshua M. Felts, 2(BS), BSN, RN
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