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More disappointment...this time on 11 Sep 2013

Today, 11 Sep 2013, a day our nation has remembered for the past twelve years as [another…] “date which will live in infamy” (Franklin D. Roosevelt), I was picking up dinner at a very busy national fast-food chain. While waiting on the side for my order a young lady walked passed me to the counter. The moment she walked past I could not but notice the shirt she wore, an all white t-shirt with evenly spaced horizontal red stripes across her chest and a blue left breast pocket with white stars. Huh! I thought. How long could she have been wearing that shirt?

At that same moment my name was called, my order was ready for pick up. I disclosed my identity to the young woman behind the counter who called out my name by raising my arm as I walked towards her to pick up my dinner. However, what I ordered and what I was given was not the same. So I handed it back to the young woman behind the counter. No big deal, it was pretty busy there tonight. No reason to complain.

While waiting for my order to be corrected I turned to the young lady at the counter wearing the “stars and stripes” t-shirt and said to her, “Ma’am. Excuse me. Do you know you are wearing our flag upside down?” Without words, she pulled the t-shirt forward, grabbing it by the adorned left breast pocket, and instantaneously looking down at the it nodding her head, as if saying, “Yes”.

While being called and apologized to for the incorrect order, my knitted brow was still engage with the young lady wearing the “stars and stripes” t-shirt as I too shook my head but in repulse that someone would wear such distasteful statement on this day. Then, without words, I grabbed my order and walked out.

I have no idea if the young lady wearing the “stars and stripes” t-shirt understood my words or my concern, however, I know she heard my words, and so did others standing around, as I am not able to whisper in public. Yet, neither the young lady nor those standing around seemed concerned of what I had asked. Huh!?! Maybe everyone was just too busy looking out for themselves, imagine that.

However, I was curious, was that young lady wearing that t-shirt today, 11 Sep 2013, on purpose? She seemed surprised when I asked. Could she that clueless that the blue field with the white stars belongs in the top left corner of the viewer, me? And that when in the viewer’s right lower corner the flag is upside down, a symbol of distress? Or, did I blow the cover of her silent protest on this infamous day for our great nation. Huh? Nah! Maybe she was just clueless and why I left it at that.

Still upset when I got to my vehicle I thought of this poem I referenced in the book…

Then I got home, still offended by the young lady’s t-shirt, but that is life. Some will be clueless and others cannot be satisfied.

As if not enough for today, 11 Sep 2013, while watching The O’Reilly Factor, Mr. O’Reilly featured this video on his show tonight.

Really? More disappointment. It is obvious the demonstrators know Mr. Petraeus (civilian). However, regardless his rank, although likely known to the demonstrators as well, Mr. Petraeus served in our nation’s military longer than any of the seen demonstrators chasing after him been on this planet.

Interestingly but unfortunate, it is obvious the demonstrators are not aware of the above-mentioned poem. Because if the ignorant demonstrators were aware of such poem, or the facts listed in the poem, the demonstrators would not behave in the manner they did. More ironic, is the fact that had it not been for the service of many before them, to include Mr. Petraeus’, the demonstrators would NOT be able to behave in such manner. So, if anything, at the end of their demonstration, of which Mr. Petraeus does not seemed to be moved by, good for him, even alerting one of them to keep from injuring themselves, the least the demonstrators could do is thank Mr. Petraeus for his service, and the service of others, so that they may non-obstructively demonstrate in a free nation.

The connection of the anecdotes, although some will say a stretch, to customer service, is that when dissatisfied most are just clueless as to what is in their best interest. Again, my two sense [sic].

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