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I am so glad my parents beat the s*!t out of me when I deserved it. After 18 years of feeding you, clothing you, providing a roof over your head and keeping you safe it is now your turn, like your parents and their parents and their parents…for you to cut the umbilical cord and move out of your parents home.

After 18 years you are NOW there, an adult! Do you remember when you were 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 and you bitched and moan about how bad you wanted to be an adult? Well, now you are! Yet, you will not leave. WHY!?!

As the new adult you are, and as their child, you should say no more than THANK YOU because it is they who got you there! After 18 years of your parents sacrificing their every moment, their identity, their individualism, their energy and worrying about you, parents owe nothing to their children. This child suing her/his parents is the epitome of exaggerated unrealistic emotional expectations, entitlements and so-called VIP.

This child is no more than another product of T-ball. I say, “NO!” In life, not everyone gets to bat. In life, there are strikes and out, and sometimes it’s only one strike you get and you’re out. In life, we do keep score and those with the best scores WIN, not just period but EXCLAMATION POINT! Regardless what you were told in pre-kindergarden, second place is no more that the first loser…third, the second loser…fourth place, the third loser…and so on. In life, NOT everyone gets a trophy at the end of the season, or ever.

Your parents won’t pay for your school, your make up, your gas money…they shouldn't and guess what, like your parents did and their parents and their parents, go get a job and pay for it yourself. School is too expensive you say. ROTC scholarships are plentiful. The telephone lines are open. So after calling 1-800-Wha-aaa! call an ROTC recruiter or serve your country first and get a GI Bill for later. Or, again, go get a job!

It is likely I will see this 18 year old in the emergency department someday, when she/he will be accompanied by her/his parents, after calling them to hold her/his hand, because having stubbed her/his toe is too overwhelming for her/him. Yet, today, she/he was suing her/his parents because they would not pay for her/his life style.

The parents claim they only stopped accommodating her/him because she/he would not follow rules. I say NO! Even if she/he had won a NOBEL prize for curing cancer or much less followed the rules, at 18 years of age it is time to cut the cord.

My parents are the world to me, despite the hairbrush or the broomstick, and when they object at Golden Corral for me paying their meal my reply always is, “That is for the underwear you bought me when I was a child and this is my way of saying, THANK YOU!”

MOM & POP, despite neither is on Facebook, I LOVE YOU!

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