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Since the last blog posting I have posted a number of short blogs, if that is what they can be called, on the book’s Facebook page and I thought I would add them to the blog just to have them here.

22 Nov 2014 (Facebook post) Satellite on comet
Days ago the European Space Agency landed a satellite on a comet and many commented, “What a waste of money?” Yet, I see the accomplishment as quite an achievement and why I asked those critics, “What would you rather the money be spent on?” “Healthcare!” the critics have fired back collectively.

But we have spent money on healthcare, and continue to do so I might add, not only in the last few years, but for decades, and even generations. And despite doing so for so long and at such expense what have we accomplished? Rises in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, yada, yada, yada. Not only among adults but most notable among children and even worse that for the first time in the planet’s history children are likely to die before their parents due to complications of the mentioned illnesses among those children.
Having said that, this is my two sense [sic]:
-Clearly, landing a satellite on a comet shows what we are capable of doing, when allowed to do so by those who would benefit most. Even more impressive was the fact that they landed the satellite center mass. However, we can only accomplish such feats when those we are guiding, in this case the satellite, allow us to do so.
-On the other hand, how much has been wasted, yes wasted, on trying to help those who chose not to help themselves.
It is because the satellite does not demonstrate such resistance to guidance, which is in its best interest, that they were able to land it center mass 10 years after being launched and almost 400,000 million miles away.
Yet, I cannot say the same for a number of patients who I have told, over and over, that the CDC’s guidelines for hypertension, diabetes and obesity is to be first managed by diet and exercise. Yet, those patients have told me, over and over as well, they would rather take a pill before making behavior changes that are in their best interest.
Despite that, some want us to keep throwing money at the same because for some reason healthcare wasting money, year after year, decade after decade, and generation after generation, is okay and not the same as wasting money by landing a satellite on a comet out in space somewhere.
I, on the other hand, say that every once in a while we should spend money, yes spend and not waste. Why? If for anything, just to show what we are capable of doing when allowed to do so by those who would benefit most from our guidance.
Again, just my two sense [sic].


25 November 2014 (Facebook post) Riots
Just my two sense [sic] (not just for those in Ferguson, Mo.):
“As a society we should not be concerned with an acquittal that does not meet public expectations but [instead] we should be concerned for those wrongfully found guilty as those persons likely will never get another chance to prove their innocence.” The Customer is NEVER Right
Why do some challenge our judicial system’s verdict, grand jury or a jury of our peers, when it departs from that of the public jury? Because if what all the drama is about is venting annoyance then I would encourage them to instead champion for those wrongfully imprisoned. That being the shameful injustice very few have picked up bullhorns or picket signs for and much less vented for by flipping parked cars, throwing Molotov cocktails, fighting police in riot gear or setting on fire barricades of tires and wooden pallets.


29 Nov 2014 (Facebook post) Man shot in the ED
“Medical staff flee from the hospital room, apparently fearing for their lives…” is how the linked article begins. Why? Why are healthcare workers fleeing from a hospital room where they are doing nothing but helping others?

It is likely most visiting "The Customer is NEVER Right" page have not seen this security camera footage and because of that I ask, Why? Why is this footage not plastered everywhere so that healthcare workers may see it?
My two sense [sic] as to why not. Because other than the victimization mongering in the reporting there is no story here, as many believe being a punching bag is part of a healthcare worker’s job description. The latter being an idiotology [sic] that is overwhelmingly shared by healthcare administrators—not something I made up but research cited in the book says so. One of those administrators going as far as to say, “Security has never been mentioned as a concern in any of our customer satisfaction surveys.” Really!?!
Critics of what happened at this emergency department might point out,
“It was a hospital. They were not supposed to kill him…They could have tasered him.”
“He was a victim in a car wreck being transported to the hospital. And then, all of a sudden, he ends up dead.”
To those critics I say, he pulled a weapon on those trying to help him and his daughter. End of story!
Critics at the other end of the discussion will mention the parent’s criminal background was cause for the patient to have been shot.
To those idiotlogs [sic] I say his rap sheet was irrelevant. Because even if it were the Pope who branded a weapon against those trying to help him I say the Pope too would have been shot dead.
And all for what, a father is dead and a child is left fatherless? Why? Because the parent was not satisfied with how his daughter [or he] was being taken care of, an all too common exaggerated unrealistic emotional expectation.
Although not mentioned in this article other sources mention that after the shots were fired the same healthcare workers who were threaten by this patient than attempted to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful. Demonstrating, AGAIN, that healthcare is like no other industry. What other industry's workers would have attempted to resuscitate the person who moments earlier threatened their lives?
I wonder if customer satisfaction surveys at this organization ever expressed concern for security. Because I am sure the healthcare workers have but then I could be wrong.

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