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Did you see that?

Did anyone see the story, "American nurse exposed to Ebola arrives at treatment center"? (Dated 11 Dec 2014).

Of course not. Why would you? The Ebola scare the media flamed did not pan out so the media gave up. Well, what actually happened was the media found more drama elsewhere that somehow, in the media's world, trumps the Ebola story. That being regardless the other drama is not newsworthy but that is another topic.

Nonetheless, allow me to give credit where credit is due. Mr. President and Dr. Tom Frieden, you were right gentleman it was nothing more than media hysteria. Having said that, it takes courage not to cater to exaggerated unrealistic emotional expectations. Thank you gentlemen for not bowing.

On a separate note, TIME magazine's Person of the Year were "The Ebola Fighters". Just to let TIME and others know, healthcare does not only care for the exotic, like Ebola, but the mundane too, like Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV, Meningitis, Hepatitis and yada yada yada.

Again, and I know it sounds like a broken record--for those who recall what that sounded like, healthcare is like no other industry. We genuinely help others.

By the way, Kaci Hickox needs to be added to the Person of the Year list as well. She not only fought Ebola but she had to fight idiots too when she tried to return home. She too was RIGHT! She was asymptomatic thus did NOT need to be quarantined. How absurd that despite being a member of the most trustworthy profession, a nurse, she was being harassed by politicians, the least trusted profession.


Just my two sense [sic].

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