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Upstaged, again!!!

Darn terrorist. A healthcare worker is killed at El Paso, Texas VA on 6 Jan 2015 only to be upstaged by terrorist in France on 7 Jan 2015. Don’t get me wrong; low-life pieces of CRAP who ambush innocence are not on my Xmas list by any means, regardless if their actions are for Allah, Winnie the Pooh, because girls don’t like them, their boyfriend left them or whatever their idiotic pathetic sob story is. I do not care! And I do not care if in France, at the VA or up the street, DO NOT AMBUSH INNOCENCE!
Having said that, it is unfortunate the unreasonable killing in France is all over the media and the killing of a healthcare worker, on our own soil I must add, is nowhere to be found just three days later. Why? Well, once again, healthcare worker directed violence is not relevant and why it gets ignored. And the “Nothing is going on over here” idiotology [sic] is just the way healthcare administrators want it, I will add, once again as well, dodging the bullet. No pun intended.
Not finding the shooting in El Paso on the front-page on a number of media sites on 9 Jan 2015, after only the third day of the shooting, prompted me to do a Google search with the keywords “el paso shooting”. As expected, the interest for our nation’s most silent crisis had already subsided, the search showing that the last article was some 20 hours prior. In other words, there was nothing, zilch, nein, NADA! And, one more time, the killing of a healthcare worker was no longer news, this time after only three days before ignored. Why? Simple! Others rather look away, to include healthcare administrators, especially those who literally dodged the bullet.
Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying that the ambush of innocence in France is irrelevant. What I am saying is that violence directed at healthcare workers is just as relevant. And contrary to the idiotology [sic] of healthcare apologizers, whether healthcare workers are cursed at, spit at, physically assaulted or murdered healthcare worker directed violence is NOT part of our job description but a tragedy. Because of that it ABSOF*&KINGLUTELY makes no sense that such a tragedy is upstaged from the front-page news for any reason, not for terrorist or that a plane was sucked up in some “black hole” somewhere. Unfortunately, that is what happens and why healthcare worker directed violence continues and continues to be ignored. On that note, DO NOT tell me that being a punching bag is part of my job. IT IS NOT! My job is to help others and not be their punching bag, spittoon or target practice.
Having said all the later, as if the upstage is not enough, the shooting in El Paso likely will get, once again, lost in other conversations. Like mental health, gun control, long waits at the VA, work place violence, customer satisfaction, lack of caring and compassion, veterans are ticking time bombs, blah blah blah blah blah. All sideshows, especially the lack of caring and compassion card, and sadly just the way healthcare administrators prefer it. Sideshows that only bury the real issue of addressing the SILENT CRISIS that healthcare is going through in our great nation.
I know. I know. Critics and apologizers will tell me that I am making a long stretch in implying that this shooting, like those in the past, is nothing more than another example of EXAGGERATED UNREALISTIC EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS not being catered to. However, the allegation is that the shooter’s PTSD claim with the VA was declined, hinting that disappointment was the likely motive of the killing.
NO! That disappointment is neither motive, reason or justification for killing anyone! That was expectations not being accommodated, PERIOD!
Now, Monday quarterbacks will say, “Well, was the shoot’s PTSD claims not justified?” NO!!! It is no different than a patient demanding a MRI of her knee because she woke up with knee pain that morning. No one is dismissing the claim that the patient has knee pain. What is being dismissed is that she needs a MRI. If she returns and mauls everyone down with a M-60 machinegun, Rambo style, does that justify she needed a MRI of her knee? NO!
No different. Granted, it is possible, and even likely, and for sympathizers lets just say it is VERY likely this piece of crap (I know. I know. He was someone’s son, brother, husband and dad. Heck, lets add that he was someone’s cousin, fishing buddy, paperboy, had a dog and waved “Hello” to everyone every morning, and, and, he even opened the door for elderly women every chance he had—he still is a piece of CRAP!)…but I digress. So for the sake of argument lets just say, it is VERY likely this piece of crap had PTSD. However, his discontent was not whether or not he had PTSD. His discontent was his VA claim was declined.
Can I make my point any more clear!?! Many live with PTSD and many do NOT get to make claims against the federal government. Nor, do they kill those trying to help them and others. Only those with EXAGGERATED UNREALISTIC EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS will throw a tantrum and strike against healthcare workers when not catered to. It happens every day across our nation and is the story of my professional demise and only because I say NO!
NO! you do not need a MRI. NO! you do not need a work note. NO! you do not need an antibiotic. NO! your claim is not service connected (possibly in this incident).
Before I end this diatribe, as some will describe it, I have a new statement that I can apply here. For those with whatever dissatisfied tantrums they have and for whatever reason pull out the all to common statement, “Don’t judge me. You do not know me,” I say to you, “I am not judging you. Instead, as a professional and I am giving you a diagnosis.” It is likely a diagnosis they do not want to hear but nonetheless a diagnosis.
For those who ambush innocence here is your diagnosis, “You are a piece of CRAP!
For them a treatment plan: If you want to kill someone because they did not meet your exaggerated unrealistic emotional expectations take your OWN life and leave innocent people alone!!! Not to mention, killing yourself is more convenient and less expensive than killing someone else. As a bonus you rid the rest of us of your pathetic self (Huh!?! A new selfie!).
Just my two sense [sic].

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