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A Facebook reply

Someone on Facebook was upset, I guess, at my post about President Obama's college rating system. I have no beef with the current or past Presidents of our nation and if that person had read the post, it was not about the President or his policies as much as it was about healthcare being submissive and accommodating and how we ended up where we are today with customer satisfaction scores. Not to mention, I believe disagreeing with the President should be okay--after all disagreement is not a hate crime or a crime at ALL. Disagreement is simply disagreement, no more and no less. And not that others' opinions of me matter to me, as I do not allow others to define me, but nonetheless I replied.

Interestingly, the person never replied back. Not sure why. Either something I said, again, or the person agreed with my reply but not willing to admit such in public. Again, I am just guessing.

That person's comment to my post: "I didn't realize this was a group about politics? And president Obama is making it possible for nurses after ten years of working to have their student loan debts forgiven."

My reply:
Julie you are right, this group is not about politics. Having said that, just because our President is mentioned in my post and the attached link does not make my post a politically charged post. The President is included only because, and because only, which ever preferred, because he was the architect of the misguided, although others have called it other things, attempt to rate higher education in our nation. Julie, I have no beef with the President. Do not let your blinders mislead you. Disagreement is NOT a hate crime or even a crime. Disagreement is nothing more than disagreement. I am sure you have disagreed with a loved one, at least once, and that was not the end of that. Again, the President is mention because the article was about one of his great ideas. Not to mention, the article is from The New York Times, not necessarily a right leaning paper to say the least. Now that that is straight don’t miss the forest for the trees. The point was that college leaders rejected the idea of a rating system yet healthcare pundits did not and where healthcare finds itself today and the impetus of my book “The Customer is NEVER Right”.

Now, as to your addition of what great things President Obama is doing for nursing. I AM A NURSE—and have been such in some capacity or another since 1984 and have NO plans on cutting ties and my record shows I am a champion for nurses and healthcare. Now, although I enjoy the pleasure of helping others as much as you do I do not see nursing as anything other than a job and nothing special. If it means anything, I do not see my 10+ years in the military as special either. I served because others before me had done so for me, you as well, and I was simply paying it forward, that’s all nothing more and nothing special. Now, unless our President is willing to pay off the debts of pilots, engineers, lawyers, physicians, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker I cannot see why he, she, or any other President, Democrat, Independent, Republican, Green, Rainbow, Libertarian, Constitutional or whatever else you might nominate, should be paying off the debts of nurses. Even if it is a recruitment tool for the shortage of nurses in our nation, because if that is the case there are plenty of those opportunities already, as far a debt repayments, like the military and Public Services—Veteran’s Affairs, Indian Health Services, Federal Correction, State Department, just to name a few. But that was your injection, and another story, not mine. But you are correct, this group is apolitical and my post was apolitical as well. It was my pleasure to enlighten you. Enjoy nursing and don’t worry about our President, he can take care of himself. It is healthcare who needs the help.

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