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“JUST” can NEVER be used to describe any healthcare worker

By now many have seen Miss Colorado’s Miss America talent video. I too have seen the video. Well, I have seen the beginning of it. Before the stethoscope and nurse costume moronic comments and the subsequent backlash, mine included, Miss Colorado’s video had caught my attention on 13 Sep 2015, the day before the drama. The title then, a different title then currently, had caught my attention and why I thought I would share it with my life [sic], as she was a Miss Colorado Runner-up (2 place).

However, the moment Miss Colorado mentioned to her patient, “…no Joe I can’t. I am JUST a nurse…” I abruptly ended the show and tell with my life [sic] by pausing the video, closing out from the Internet, getting up and walking away, PISSED! Why!
“…I cringe every time I hear a nurse state, ‘I am just a nurse.’ For me, hearing those words brings the planet to a sudden halt and, forgetting the task at hand, I am compelled to correct the nurse’s comment, ‘You are a nurse, not just a nurse, a nurse.’ I am one who never tires of correcting patients or family that I am a nurse and not a physician, not a physician in training, or a nurse desiring to be a physician. I AM A NURSE!” –The Customer is NEVER Right.

I even cringe when I hear the clerk saying the same thing, “I am just a clerk,” to who I will tell, over and over, “You are the clerk, not just a clerk, but the clerk. And you do all the things I am incapable of doing and without you I could not do the things I do.”

Why do I mention this? I understand the point of the backlash on the stethoscope and the nurse costume and I agree, here is an opportunity to educate the masses with regard to nurses and other healthcare workers. But for me an even greater fact that these are the persons rating healthcare workers.

However, as for healthcare workers, nurses included, I see a greater point missed, the fact that we need to buck up. After watching the video on 13 Sep 2015 I considered posting these words then but convinced myself not to do so thinking I would be bashing nursing—NEVER my intent. I rather remain quite and thought of as a fool than open my mouth and confirm such. Now, I know and understand that sometimes we may slip but healthcare workers are NOT JUST anything.

By now many have watched Miss Colorado’s talent performance and after all the outpour for nursing I have reconsidered posting my previous thoughts of that video and here is why. Healthcare workers are the foundation of the planet’s best healthcare, PERIOD! It is healthcare workers who are where the ax meets the rock, the frontline, and the only ones who care for others—something healthcare administrators cannot be credited with. My beef and only desire would be that healthcare workers assert their place because if we do not others will dismiss us.

I know Miss Colorado is a confident and superb woman and must be an absolutely incredible professional (nurse) as well. Not because I know her but because the only other Miss Colorado contestant I DO know, my life [sic], is a confident, superb woman who is an absolutely incredible professional (not a nurse) at what she does and why I always tell her, “You cannot but do great thing”. I do not say it just to say it. I say it because it is a fact, she cannot but do great things. There is no question these pageantry women are confident and absolutely beautiful, the latter in so many ways I must add, but more important they are talented and why “JUST” can NEVER be used to describe anything about them. Again, I only know one and “JUST” can NEVER be used to describe anything about her.

Having said that, nurses, and ALL healthcare workers, are ALL absolutely incredible in what they do and it is because of ALL of them that we have the world’s greatest healthcare system. That said, nurses, and healthcare, need to assert themselves first. Otherwise, others will continue to sees us as waitpersons who wear scrubs.

“If you act like a doormat people will not only walk all over you, they will wipe their feet on you as well.” –Anonymous

Just my two sense [sic].

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