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This article MUST be a HOAX!

Either this article is a hoax mocking Donald Trump or its author is an IDIOT!

For critics and being transparent. First, all my life I been told I do not have a filter so with regard to pushing back on being politically correct Mr. Trump is late, very late. Second, although Mr. Trump has everyone talking about his stand on ILLEGAL (all caps not to yell but to highlight) immigration Mr. Trump falls short. That said just to be clear that with the above mentioned, political correctness and ILLEGAL immigration, it is Mr. Trump who is a Mini-Me and not the other way around.

With the above in mind, ILLEGAL regardless if from the south, from the north (as Canadians are the principal violators of overstaying their visas) or those drifting upon our shores and all of them regardless if “They’re…criminals, drug dealers, rapist…[or] good people.”

One of many reason I object to ILLEGAL immigration, I cannot stand it when someone cuts in line, whether at the airport, the grocery store or wherever or for whatever reason. As I asked Ricky Martin, after Mr. Martin denounced Mr. Trump over Mr. Trump’s stand on ILLEGAL immigration, does Mr. Martin just look away when those without tickets jump the fence to take the seats of those who do have tickets to his sold out concerts? Although Mr. Martin never replied, I doubt it very much that those jumping the fence into his concerts get to stay. ILLEGAL immigration is the same. There is a line. There is a legal system to immigration for wherever you might be from, Mexico, Malawi, Iran, Laos, Kenya, Syria, blah, blah, blah, blah. And as it does not matter where your from it doesn't matter what you put in your mouth either, if you come legally you are welcomed. Why? Because there are LAWS (now, all caps with intend to yell)! And if you break those LAWS then you are here ILLEGALLY! Why? Because when a sovereign nation’s borders are breached, for whatever reason, that person is not only here ILLEGALLY, thus an ILLEGAL ALIEN, but more so that person has committed a crime against that nation. It’s really that simple despite some claim humans cannot be ILLEGAL and much less ILLEGAL ALIENS. But they are ILLEGAL ALIENS!

My above position made clear now my objection to this article. Poor people, citizens or not, are neither the cause of long waits in emergency departments across our great nation nor are they to blame for what is “breaking the backs of U.S. taxpayers”.

-The reason emergency departments are overcrowded is because healthcare mass markets emergency departments as “one-stop-shopping” for healthcare, regardless if medical conditions are emergencies or not.

-As to the reason for the taxpayers’ burden see above—marketing as “one-stop-shopping”. Because although the mass marketing targets the “haves” over the “have-nots” the “have-nots” also read the billboards and why they show up. Not to mention, those who show up are not only the non-citizen “have-not” but “have-not” citizens as well. In addition, although not all the time but a LOT of times, those who are not citizens will only come to the emergency department when they are in very bad health. Now that calamity is something that can be tagged to non-citizen “have-nots” and is also one of many reasons as to why their bills are so expensive. Having said that, not that it is an excuse, they wait it out only because of fear of being compromised. That being another reason I detest ILLEGAL immigration, the subculture and exploitation of living in the shadows.

-That “free care”, as the article reads, given to the “have-nots” in NO way, shape or form affects the healthcare of those who can afford to pay for healthcare. I have traveled to many countries where “social medicine” is the rule of the land and in those countries healthcare is equally available for all, the “haves” and the “have-nots”. Interestingly, because of supply and demand, even in those countries there coexists “pay-as-you-go” healthcare, as well, for those who can afford it. The reason, those who can afford it do not want to wait in line with everyone else for their healthcare. Thus, here, in the “land-of-plentiful and abundance”, we also have those place where those who can afford it and do not want to wait can get their healthcare. So please that so-called “free care” in no manner affects access to those who can afford it. And if those who can afford it have an emergency, heart attack, stroke, etc., they will not have to wait until those seeking their “free care” get theirs either.

-The value of healthcare workers is NOT undermined by poor people entirely either as it is undermined by the “haves” as well. However, the ones who undermine healthcare workers the MOST are NOT patients, whether “haves” or “have-nots”, legal or not, but healthcare administrators and pundits who tread on healthcare workers far MORE than all patients, “haves” and “have-nots”, combined.

-EMTALA is by far the best healthcare has. Healthcare is the ONLY industry where regardless of disposable income or time services are sought and rendered. NO other industry can make that claim, NONE! On that note, it is NOT EMTALA that keeps “us from screening out those who would undermine our ability to get timely emergency care, and from using the proper triage tools to profile these terrible people who want to steal our healthcare, and turn them away.” Instead, many of “these terrible people” who are overwhelming the system and who we should turn away are the “haves”, as they too seek care in emergency departments. NOT because of emergent conditions but because of their EXAGGERATED UNREALISTIC EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS; many of them saying, “I have insurance.” “So F*^%ING WHAT! YOU DON”T HAVE AN EMEGENCY!” but I bite my lip because I need a job.

-Our emergency departments are already overwhelmed. NOT because of the poor but because of accommodating the EXAGGERATED UNREALISTIC EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS of so many, to include the “haves”, but more so that of healthcare administrators and pundits!

All the above said, way before Mr. Trump entered the presidential race, it is  well documented in the book of standing with the poor, citizenship or not. Yet, many times I been told, not only by those who complain but by healthcare administrators as well, that I should find another career after those objecting label me as uncaring and lacking compassion. My answer, “I don’t think so but thanks for the advice.”

With all the above said I truly believe this article is simply mocking Mr. Trump and not really the position of anyone in healthcare. However, just in case it really is someone's position and not for entertainment—to those, like this author, if so, who believe we cannot care for the poor in this great nation of ours than it is you who should go to another country. Because although adamant against ILLEGAL immigration our profession is that of helping others and that includes the "haves" and the "have-nots", legal or ILLEGAL ALIENS!

One more thing, NOT that I am a surrogate for Mr. Trump but being fair to him, as it was NOT mentioned in the article, Mr. Trump has said, over and over and over, that he will NOT let anyone die in the streets because of a lack of healthcare, and I am sure that is regardless if a citizen or not. Not to mention, that was something Senator Marco Rubio pushed back against and called out Mr. Trump on. Yet, it is Senator Rubio who no longer is a contender.

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