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They make $15/hr

I have no problem with raising the minimum wage to $15/hr as I too demand getting paid my worth. Except, if the minimum wage is raised for those flipping burgers than everyone else’s wages would have to be raise by the same amount and that is where it becomes problematic.
Why? If not raised across the board than those who already make $15/hr will than only be making the minimum wage. For example, a Paramedic, yes, a Paramedic, the man or woman in the back in the ambulance keeping you alive until you make it to the emergency department, makes $15/hr. And that $15/hr isn’t just to memorize the company jingle, wear a standard uniform and a hair net, keep the toilets clean and throw out the trash.
Paramedics, unlike those flipping burgers, attend a two-year degree program at a community college, Monday through Friday, and many Saturdays too, for a total of 1,200-1,800 hours of rigorous training. And some of them will not graduate as the programs are no walk in the park. On top of that, and before considered by any paramedic program, the candidate would have to be an EMT-B (Emergency Medical Technician-Level Basic), which includes 6-months to complete 120-150 hours of training, also Monday through Friday, and many Saturdays too, and, AND, they MUST have successfully completed a state level certification test (NOT AN EASY TEST EITHER-taken it two different times) as well. Lastly, all of that before a Paramedic can sit for a state board and national board as well that certifies they have the knowledge and training required before they can take care of patients in a front-line mobile emergency unit.
As if not enough, the work Paramedics do of saving lives and stomping out disease is no joke. On top of the above mentioned requirements and responsibility they are exposed to a number of hazards, like contagious diseases, trauma/injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, just to name a few.
Again, raising the minimum wage is long over due. However, the $7.75 raise can not only be for those flipping burgers but must be for everyone, especially Paramedics who already only make $15/hr, and that is where raising the minimum just to accommodate others becomes problematic.
And if not for all then for none as the minimum wage is not and never was intended for raising families. Instead, the minimum wage is an introduction to having a job where you earn responsibility, experience and a foundation that will propel you up to earning a higher wage, like that of a Paramedic.
Unfortunately, again, there are those who want to fly under the radar and take the easy road, yet, they want to get paid as if they went to a two-year college without making any effort. And then there are those who just want the latter’s votes. Who do you want in the back of an ambulance when you are dying, a well-trained Paramedic or someone who makes $15/hr flipping burgers? Better yet, how about the politician placating for votes? Just my two sense [sic], again.
For those who doubt what a Paramedic makes follow the link and while looking, look at what the other related jobs make too.

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