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A rant with pictures!

The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International conference presentation (Indianapolis, IN 19 Sep 2016) results are in and I would say they are favorable. Of course, there are a few outliers who found the presentation inappropriate. One of them describing the presentation as “A rant with pictures.” Which is NOT only correct but, unfortunately for them, I love their chosen words of discontent. So much so, I might even use it as a new presentation title.
Below is the report, which I cut and, so that it is a bit easier to follow, edited before pasting it on here. Note, the presentation session was shared with another presenter (who presentation topic was about post-op care and decreased admissions) and those results are also included in the initial portion of the results. However, I took the liberty, as best I could, to highlight the comments I believe were specific to my portion of the session—me guessing the highlighted comments are for my session but I could be wrong.
The final tally of attendees was 33, which was close to what I had guess (25-30) in the After-Action Report.
Session Evaluation Report (Combined Presentations)
Session Name:
Improving Clinical Practice and Patient Satisfaction to Decrease Readmissions
Session Code:
J 04
Monday, 19 September 2016: 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

If yes, please describe new knowledge or skills you will apply to your practice.

-great information
-Be a little more proactive about the daily up front education process throughout every step of the process. Reviewing an important teaching point in regards to care of the patient post procedure to help with the decrease of readmission. Education and comprehension is key.
-intentional interprofessional collaboration
-Need more money placed on clinical outcomes and on the healthcare workers in order to take healthcare back.
-Home care nursing included as the team, especially education and teaching
-Was considering ideas for students
-I enjoyed the lecture on CABG surgery, but found the second lecture to be inappropriate/non-beneficial.
-Thoughtful ways to include families to prevent readmissions
-The concept of "hand off for home" should be promoted in our clinical practice.
-It gave me a new perspective on how to manage patient satisfaction.
-leading a community outreach initiative motivated toward this topic goal, the seminar learning was valuable and supportive
Patients Are NEVER Customers - Jose Angel Torres, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, NP, CNS (From this point forward ONLY pertains to my portion of the session).
Please rate each of the following statements:


For each speaker, please rate your level of agreement with the listed statement:



Additional Comments:

-An interesting concept. Thank you for allowing this speaker to have his say. I hope his efforts spark some conversation and perhaps some research!

-I still not entirely sure what I was supposed to get out of this presentation other than we should not cater to our patients. This did not seem appropriate nor [sic] beneficial.

-A rant with pictures. Not a scholarly presentation with evidence to support statements. A real disappointment.

-very true need more topics on how to deal with and not just tolerate.

-Even though people think about what he was saying, it is hard to include it in the work environment. I did enjoy hearing his opinion.

-Was very opinion based but was very correct in his beliefs and views on healthcare.

-nice job

-I felt that much of the content of this presentation was inappropriate and not based on current literature.
My added two sense [sic]:
-Despite I looked and looked and looked and contemplated and tried to figure it out, I could not decipher the value or significance of the cell titled “average” in the last row of each question set evaluated.
-The most obvious, and this is with every thing for the most part and the theme of a very early blog, and that is, that despite everyone is listening to the same words from the same person at the same time the interpretation of those words can be at opposite ends of the continuum filtered through individual paradigm and/or prejudice. Here again that is evident.
-From the beginning, two points can be assessed from the initial comments. For example, “It gave me a new perspective on how to manage patient satisfaction,” which I hope was a manager’s words seeing it from a “new perspective” and hopeful will lead to change for the better. But then there was, “Need more money placed on clinical outcomes…” versus “…found the second lecture (that would be mine despite I presented first) to be inappropriate/non-beneficial.”
-Interestingly, two-thirds did not find either presentation would change their professional practice. Note, that number as it relates to both presentations and not mine specifically. That said, I can understand it not changing the practice for those who do not manage or discharge post-op patients. But customer satisfaction crosses ALL spectrums of healthcare. And why in that sense, I find it disappointing that my presentation was not of any worth. However, could it also be because of the culture at their organization that would not permit for such drastic change that they were unable to appreciate the value of the presentation.
-On the other hand, two-thirds found my presentation specifically to be appropriate and agreed or strongly agreed that there was the ability to apply the information to current practice. Although that sounds positive toward my goals it makes no sense when the above-mentioned was just the opposite. Confusing!
-Three-quarters specifically found my presentation to be engaging. That's good!
-Almost 70% found my presentation to be bias-free which makes no sense for several reasons but most notable: (1) Every slide had the book’s picture, website, and Facebook address on it. That by definition is bias. (2) On top of that, the presentation itself is 100% bias as I DO NOT give another view but mine. That too by definition is bias. So not sure what that question or the responses, for that matter, pertains to. But who am I to judge! I'll take the compliment!
-Some 82% thought I was knowledgeable about the topic and 84% thought the topic was presented clearly. Both being reassuring.
-The additional comments speak for themselves.
Overall, I would have to say the presentation was received well. That being one of the presentation’s goals—bringing awareness. In that sense I would that is a good step in the right direction. As for the two other goals, recruit companions and arouse change, some of the attendees did come up and made positive comments, to include the comment here of, “It gave me a new perspective on how to manage patient satisfaction.” However, for a lack of better terms, no one signed up to jump on this journey. That said, this was a tough audience. Literally, this was being in the lion’s den as these healthcare societies, especially in nursing, are addicted to the Kool-Aide of the status quo and anyone pushing back, like myself, is ALWAYS labeled “inappropriate” and even a persona non grata.

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