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Just over two years ago, through Facebook, I was invited to join a Facebook group called "Take Nursing Back". The following was that invitation, "Maybe you would like to join the group Take Nursing Back. Since you wrote a book about it maybe you could help us reach out and organize." And so I joined the group posting about 99% of the post on the group's wall but other than that the group didn't progress.

Then I got this idea, not sure if a great idea or not but an idea, an idea I shared with the group's administrators to include asking them if I could take over the administration of the group and they said, "Sure. All yours." So here we are. Below is my introduction and intentions with taking over the group.


Under New Management is simply trying to be engaging and me trying to be cute. Other 
than that it has nothing to do with the two ladies who managed the group before. On the contrary, those two ladies deserve the credit for coming up with the group idea and for garnering over 2,000 members in the first year, quite the feat on Facebook. Again, Under New Management is simply meant to be comic relief marketing after I asked those two ladies to allow me to take the group in a new direction and they said sure.

That said, I have NO idea what I am doing or how to go about reaching the goal of taking healthcare back and MAKING HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! On top of that, I have no idea if I can increase the group’s membership, make it more popular, or even take it anywhere or accomplish anything for that matter. But I have a lot of passion for this subject and I want to try with all the aforementioned.

I realize none of that sound encouraging, however, this is what I know. In 2012, I published The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective.

Review: The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective is an earnest yet unsettling account of frontline emergency healthcare in the United States of America today from the point of view of one long-term participant, a nurse practitioner. Honesty and agony jump off the page as the author closely chronicles the transformation of healthcare from a helping profession, to just one more profit-driven business.
The evidence: the telltale record of a healthcare professional’s experience working in a pressured environment, where, increasingly, patients have unreasonable expectations—encapsulated in the phrase “exaggerated unrealistic emotional expectations.”

The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective is a testament of one man’s struggle to maintain his integrity and his job, and ultimately, failing, at least in terms of the job. A great deal of effort, thought, and emotion was poured into this work, pointing out the serious problems between healthcare administrations and the status of healthcare. This work is a useful contribution to the current healthcare debate going on at many levels in our nation.

Since publishing the book I have presented the book’s theme at three national and two international healthcare conferences despite the dissuasion of healthcare conference gatekeeper. At each of those conferences I found much encouragement, although in private. However, I understand as this is a very provocative topic and no one wants to be without a job.

For those who might question the hidden agenda here this is not about book sales or getting more “LIKES” at the book’s Facebook page, although both would be great and appreciated. Instead, this is simply and genuinely about finding companions to take healthcare back and MAKING HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! It in itself a mammoth goal and NOT something one person can do alone. I know! Been there! Done that! Wrote a book about! And why the need for companions. Not to mention, the goals of the group “Take Nursing Back” and “The Customer is NEVER Right” (Book) are essentially to MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! Why then reinvent the wheel when this group already has over 2,000 members which might be able to help with obtaining that mentioned goal?

This is what I DO know from what I have done thus far, it takes a lot of time and effort and I still want to try but I understand others not willing to step forward and that is fine.
The hope is NOT ONLY for those who are group members to remain members and recruit more members but also to participate with this mammoth task when possible. That’s all. Sitting on the sidelines if just fine, as well. But when ready the hope is you will let someone know by just saying, “Hey coach, put me in!”

Thank you ALL in advance!

Let’s take healthcare back and MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN!


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