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Healthcare--the political football

Most of the media tells us that President Trump failed at his attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). What the media DOES NOT tell us is why he failed. I take that back, articles might mention why he failed but those details are so far down the article that most readers don’t reach them. Why? Because most readers only read the article title and the minutia that fits their narrative to reach their biased conclusions and dismiss the rest.

Here is an article that might shine some light for those interested as to why the failed attempt. However, it’s NOT what is written in the article but what is NOT written, JUST like in so many of the same in other narratives. 

The author of this article points out that the House Freedom Caucus tried to eviscerate the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). And if you follow one of the links the article provides the link also mentions it was the House Freedom Caucus who wanted insurance companies to charge more based on a person’s sex and pre-existing conditions.

That is NOT side stepping blame or pointing fingers at others but simply stating that President Trump could have easily gone with any of that JUST to pass the law but he DIDN’T! He DIDN’T because that is NOT what he believes. President Trump DOES NOT want to see people dying in the streets, NO ONE DOES, regardless what opponents say.

The bottom line is that President Trump failed because he would NOT cave to the demands of the extremist within his own party. That decision he made regardless he, and others, knew he would be made the laughing stock for his failed attempt. Yet, he would NOT cave. That, ladies and gentlemen, is integrity. I know many will disagree. And that is fine. But before you disagree look up INTEGRITY in the dictionary.

"Sometimes you face difficulties not because you're doing something wrong, but because you're doing something right," (@seanpdent).

I am VERY familiar with that quote and with one NOT compromising one's INTEGRITY for the path of least resistance. Giving in is easy. Fighting temptation is a challenge. Yet, NOT compromising on INTEGRITY is what others question. WHAT!?!

As for EMTALA, which I strongly believe is the right thing, and those who abuse it, EMTALA, contrary to popular belief, is NOT the weakest link of healthcare. Instead, healthcare's weakest link are healthcare workers and/or administrators who DO NOT, CANNOT and WILL NOT say NO to non-emergent medical conditions. 

With regard to healthcare, President Trump will protect EMTALA, pre-existing conditions and is gender neutral. I know some cannot, better yet, WILL NOT, believe that, no matter what, but I do. Why? Because I give folks the benefit of the doubt. That might be after I waterboard them but I give them the benefit of the doubt. What I DO NOT do are healthcare insurance, finances or politics. I AM A NURSE! I DO healthcare.

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