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Below is the email received today, 1 May 2017, related to the publisher discontinuing to publish and provide the book in either soft cover, Kindle or Nook versions.


Please find below the following that was sent in regards to your work:

I am informing you that, under Par. 22 of our agreement, we are discontinuing the publication of your title, The Customer is NEVER Right,  as of this day (2/9/17).
Par. 22 states that, “When in the judgment of the Publisher, the public demand for the Work is no longer sufficient to warrant its continued manufacture, the Publisher may discontinue further manufacture and may, at its discretion, destroy any or all materials used for the production of the Work without any liability in connection therewith to the Author.  Publisher agrees to notify the Author of its decision to discontinue production upon discontinuation, and offer to transfer to the Author the materials in its possession, if any, before destroying any stock or materials, on the following terms F.O.B. point of shipment: the plates at their value for old metal, the engravings (to be used only in the work) at one-half (½) their original cost, the bound stock at one-half (½) the list price, and the sheet stock at cost of gathering, folding, sewing and preparing for shipment, all without royalties. Unless the Author shall, within 30 days, accept said offer and pay the amount set forth in said writing, the Publisher may dispose of the plates, book stock, sheets and other property without further liability for royalties or otherwise.  Upon discontinuation of the Work, the Author’s rights to publish the Work, which are granted to Publisher herein, shall revert to the Author.  Notwithstanding the reversion of publishing rights to Author, Author’s remaining obligations to Publisher, including the warranties and indemnifications provided in paragraph 23 shall survive the discontinuation of the book pursuant to this paragraph.”
We have arrived at the conclusion that no sufficient demand for your book can be expected. I am informing you herewith that we have currently no copies of your book in stock. All rights under the copyright are herewith returned to you.
Your book has been pulled from the market today. No new copies will be printed by America Star Books or made available by America Star Books to individuals, wholesalers or retailers.  It has been removed from America Star Books's website. We have also sent notice to retailers that no new copies will be printed.  Please note, however, that we have no control over any other online vendors' listing policies, including Amazon's and Barnes and Noble's. Books that are out of print may remain listed there for years on end, even though the industry has now been informed that America Star Books has ceased making any new copies available.  Furthermore, retailers and wholesalers may continue to sell used copies, as well as new copies that they had stocked prior to the termination of your agreement with America Star Books.  Of course, America Star Books has no control over the sale of your book by third parties.
Caroline Inabinett
Contracts Management

At this time the contract ended and the publishing rights are with you the author. The easiest way to think of it is this:

Anything you had created for the book you are welcome to use again: this would include photos you sent in/your original manuscript.

Anything created by the publisher would remain with us (formatted text design/formatted cover/ISBN).

If you find you would like information about obtaining the text/cover files as well please do let me know.  In regards to the sales of your work- if you would like to keep the books out of publication I can put in a request for the Final Statement to be sent to you for this (would show if any thresholds were remaining on the work removed).

Take some time to look this over and let me know how you would like to proceed.



Until a better alternative is available a PDF version is available for FREE download by joining the Facebook group "MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN!" and downloading a copy off the wall there. For those not interested in joining the group it would be okay if you leave the group after downloading the file.

Thank you for your support!

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Rochelle Snyder on Friday, May 26, 2017 9:19 AM
That's ok, just BOUGHT THE HARDCOVER. Their loss. Oh well.
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