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The New Mexico Nurse practitioners council [NMNPC] invites you to participate in our fall conferenceNovember 17th at the Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe, NM

NMNPC seeks presentations illustrating research, practice innovations, role development, advanced practice education, initiatives, or evaluation processes that showcase excellent practice. The fall conference will focus on screening, treating and providing support to victims of sexual assault.

The NMNPC abstract review committee will review all speaker abstracts submitted prior to the deadline and adhering to submission guidelines. The committee will make selections based on abstract content, speaker qualifications, content related to the interest of nurse practitioners, and conformity within the conference curriculum. The committee will limit the number of abstracts accepted to meet conference time and space limitation and will notify presenters of acceptance by August 4, 2017. The decision of the committee are final. 

  • Recognizing human trafficking and what to do about it 
  • Child and adolescence sex education and sexual abuse screening 
  • Legal issues surrounding survivors and their care 
  • Sexual abuse survivor (screening questions, treatment, etc) 
  • STD: Prep, new guidelines, GC chlamydia 
  • Housing and funding for sexual assault victims 
  • How and why to build a successful program for Suboxone treatment


I have submitted abstracts to this organization at least three times, maybe four, and each time they have declined the abstract stating, "[Paraphrasing] The Customer is NEVER Right theme for podium presentation is irrelevant to their audience." This time I sent them the following reply prior to submitting the abstract.

2 Jun 2017
My greatest fear is NOT a wrong diagnosis, a negligent injury or death to a patient. My GREATEST fear is discharging a patient to their abuser. Yes, human trafficking has been increasing in the last decade, maybe even the last two decades. So much so, human trafficking training has become a lucrative business, or what I have labeled, NEW industries without fixing the problems. As NEW industries have become the answer to everything, not only for human trafficking but for many other en vogue issues, healthcare included as well.
Why a conference for healthcare workers that focuses on human trafficking? When there is a plethora of training and literature on the market already, for both lay and professional. As mentioned, NEW industries. Not to mention, the federal and most state governments provide similar training for FREE!
Why a conference for healthcare workers that focuses on human trafficking? Is it that human trafficking is the latest buzz? The NEW Ebola? Or Zika? Human trafficking is NOT a healthcare issue—it’s a CRIME issue. As is child abuse, sexual, physical or psychological. As is elderly abuse, sexual, physical or psychological. As is domestic abuse, sexual, physical or psychological.
Why not address other social problems like the 32 million, yes, 32 MILLION, Americans who cannot read. Because it’s NOT healthcare! 
Why a conference for healthcare workers that focuses on human trafficking? When healthcare has its own issues; healthcare directed violence, fraud, waste and abuse, nurse to patient ratios, medical errors, lack of access, cost of healthcare, and the list goes on and on and on. Issues that are more than 30 years old and have YET to fix any of those. Yet, some think healthcare needs to dab into human trafficking. Why? Why NOT consider getting involved with getting a man/woman on to Mars while at it as well.
Human trafficking is NOT a healthcare issue. Yes, I understand the dynamics, effects and causes of human trafficking and its impact on a human being’s health, physical, psychological and social well-being. BUT human trafficking itself is NOT an illness or disease. IT’S a CRIME! As healthcare workers, should we be aware and be able to recognize human trafficking? ABSOLUTELY! That training is available everywhere! But getting more involved than that, why?
To those who ALWAYS answer, “Why not?” Healthcare has its own list of dirty laundry it needs to address, i.e. listed above, rather get involved in social issues.
As to the other topics for the conference, not all human trafficking is sexual trade. Yes, most but not ALL. Many are held against their will for slavery and debt-servitude as well. 
So why? Why a conference for healthcare workers that focuses on human trafficking?


Their reply:

3 Jun 2017
His email just rubbed me the wrong way. This is also the first email criticizing one of our conferences, so I took it personal. 

Deep breaths......I will not allow negativity into my life.


Not sure that went over well. Regardless, I will be submitting another abstract. All they can do is accept or reject it. More to come.

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