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After posting on a group's wall and not seeing the words published I requested them back as I thought those words were being censored and I had not kept a copy of them. I commonly keep a copy of almost everything I publish to keep everyone following the blog abreast of what I am up to with taking healthcare back to MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! Never did I expect anyone to censor and delete my words.

Nonetheless, my words were censored and deleted without me knowing. Not good! What follows is the conversation of me attempting to get my words back. After three requests I sent out this forth request to retrieve my words,

I am getting the impression I am either being ignored or not worthy to get a reply from you or returned the words I posted that somehow you have censured. As I mentioned to you early on this junior-high school behavior is healthcare's problem as to why it finds itself where it is today. I have asked for my words back three times without a reply from you, NOT good.

Moments later Facebook group administrator sent me the following,

"I have been trying to keep up with the overwhelming messages as best I can. I am only one person trying to help others. I am a professional and take offense being compared to a junior high school student. Yes I do filter posts to this page in order to keep it a professional page with out any discrimination or insults to others. I decided not to post your post as I felt it might cause arguments with some. By not choosing to post the post it was deleted. I am trying to keep a positive page for all nurses. I'm sorry if you do not approve of my ways, I always try to do the best thing but sometimes your best is not good enough for others."

Below is my last reply to the Facebook group administrator who deleted a post off the group's wall.

Pardon the delay as I DO NOT respond with emotion but instead with well thought out intent. That said, it is ironic how quickly your reply because the truth hurt. However, the truth does NOT mind. Along with the words I posted, which you chose to censure and delete, here is some more truth. Censuring what others express solves nothing. If anything, it only defines your intent as having a hidden agenda and that is not about keeping it positive for nurses, as nurses are ADULTS and more than capable of taking care of themselves. Instead, your hidden agenda is attention seeking behavior where you have found a cause to champion within your terms and dissent from your view are labeled as disrupters, as you will NOT tolerate another or others’ point of view. By the way, that is NOT judgement but a diagnosis.
Just so that you know, you might have deleted those words, as you STATED, but they are not gone, as everything on the Internet is recoverable in some manner. Thus, I expect you to locate them and return them to their owner. That mentioned, because those words are not yours for you to delete. Those words are intellectual property of someone else and were intended for members of the group to view and not sent to you for you. Granted, you are the group’s administrator and have the authority to decide what will be posted and what will not be posted. However, you should dialog with the person posting them before you selfishly and spitefully delete them, as if you were in junior-high school, because you disagree. Because you are the administrator when those words were requested and you were unable to do so, because, as you mentioned, you “DELETED” them, it then becomes a legal issue for you as you were the one who destroyed someone else’s intellectual property.
I understand that censorship of this type is not a crime. However, your censorship, because of disagreement, is frown upon, as disagreement is NOT a hate crime or a crime at all. That is of course, if you are mature enough to have disagreement with others. In your case, I guess not.
Interesting as well, I group being a “professional” as a noun, like, blue-collar, white-collar, non-professional, laborer, etc. And not as an adjective or characteristic to describe myself, i.e. “I am a professional”. It’s NOT whether I approve or not of your ways, as that is irrelevant. However, you disapproving and deleting my words without dialog was okay with you. There is a definition for that, it is hypocrisy. I would think “a professional”, as you describe yourself, would have the common courtesy to mention that you found my posting inadequate for YOUR group and we would dialog about it. Instead, you deleted my words and then LIED! First, on 8 Jun 2017 when you stated you were “in the middle of reviewing” them. Second LIE! You avoided my request to have my words back less than 24hours later by you asking, “What words?” Really? Third LIE! On 9 Jun 2017, I asked you twice and no reply. Yet, you found the time to post on the group’s wall several posts that same day. Fourth LIE! It wasn’t until I called you out for ignoring me on 10 Jun 2017 that you responded immediately. Suddenly you were NOT overwhelmed, as you stated, and instead just like a junior-high school child would reply—EMOTIONAL(!) with a bunch of drama.
I realize you will find these words aggressive but this is my rehearsed answer to that so common observation, “You should NOT be offended that I responded with such overwhelming force to your jab at me because you missed.”
I am still waiting on the words I posted as those words were NOT sent to you. I posted them for ADULTS in the group to decide whether they were up to the challenge of taking healthcare back to MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! The group should NOT be a safe place to ONLY be fed the bias spin you want them to hear and where their feelings will not be hurt. Instead, they need challenging points of view and debate that will engage and help them with deciding their course. Again, I expect my words returned.
One last thing, I am the administer of two Facebook groups and one blog, and in five years I have removed and blocked one person whose words were inappropriate. However, I DID NOT delete that person’s words. Instead, those words are still posted as they were as those words were NOT my words for me to delete but someone else’s words. Again, disagreement is NOT a hate crime or a crime at all. DO NOT censor others. Instead, ask them to retract their own words. If they decline than delete and block them. It really is that simple.
Despite my tone, I wish you and the group you are MISLEADING good luck against the challenges you will encounter as I have been battling this demon of healthcare directed violence and our nation’s silent national crisis for more than a decade now, alone, as a quiet professional. Because of that, I know it is NOT easy for others to push back against the status quo when they have mortgages to pay and mouths to feed. DEEDS NOT WORDS!

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