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NMNPC 3rd Annual Fall Conference (Abstract)

The following objectives and abstract were submitted (28 Jun 2017) for podium presentation at the NMNPC 3rd Annual Fall Conference, 17 Nov 2017 in Santa Fe, NM. (NOTE: This is the 3rd abstract submitted to this organization. Keep the fingers and toes crossed!)


1. Participants will learn the history of healthcare service excellence.

2. Participants will be made aware that the current path healthcare is being “taken down", regarding customer satisfaction, is NOT good for healthcare, healthcare workers or patients.

3. Participants will appreciate that by putting healthcare and healthcare workers first and customer satisfaction to follow everything else will fall into place, to include customer retention and profits, and most significant, a safe workplace.


Healthcare is a time-honored profession genuinely dedicated to helping others and OBLIGATED with saving lives and stomping out disease. Despite that heritage and DUTY, healthcare has been cheapened, by any means necessary and at the cost of so much, into just another customer-driven service where satisfaction scores are the driving force and NOTHING else matters. A driving force without accomplishment! Because despite all the money, time, and effort invested satisfaction scores have not added anything to healthcare but leave behind an overwhelming amount of collateral damage and our nation’s greatest silent national crisis.

Rather focus on variables that would improve the quality and cost of healthcare, such as outcomes and the safety of healthcare workers and patients, healthcare spawns new industries that have NOT improved healthcare in any manner. Examples of such, satisfaction surveys and satisfaction scores used to rate healthcare by either private or government organizations.

This truly is the conversation that matters most in healthcare yet NO one wants to have it. That said, healthcare will not be destroyed by those who take it down the wrong tracks but by those who watch without doing anything. The time to take healthcare back and MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN is LONG OVERDUE!

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