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ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference submitted abstract

After Advanced Practice Provider Executives declined my podium presentation abstract I submitted one for the ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference® 2018 for 2-3 May 2018. Announcement will be 2 October 2017.

Despite healthcare administrators, pundits, and gatekeepers have labeled this content as irrelevant to healthcare workers, healthcare workers say it resonates with them and why I continue to submit abstracts.

When gatekeepers say, "No."


And despite warned. Given an explanation. I PERSIST!


1.   Participants will learn the history of healthcare service excellence.

2.   Participants will be made aware that the current path healthcare is being “taken down” is NOT good for healthcare, healthcare workers or patients.

3.   Participants will appreciate that by putting healthcare and healthcare workers first everything else will fall into place, to include customer retention, profits, and, most significant, a safe workplace.
Description: What if healthcare ISN’T broke but as intended—focused on customer retention for profits and customer satisfaction is just a ploy for those goals? For over 30 years healthcare has been taken down the wrong tracks and it is time to right that course.
Purpose: MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! by taking healthcare back from satisfaction scores. Satisfaction scores that have done nothing for healthcare but leave behind an overwhelming amount of collateral damage harming healthcare, healthcare workers and patients.
Relevance/Significance: There is NOT a single benefit to rating healthcare, except customer retention for profits, as studies show there is no correlation between satisfaction scores and good healthcare. Yet, satisfaction scores are the driving force in healthcare. A driving force without accomplishment other than the shameful, tolerated, and ignored silent national crisis it leaves behind. Taking healthcare back is no one’s responsibility but ours of cultivating our profession and steering it in the right direction.
Strategy and Implementation:
To take healthcare back and MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN(!), where healthcare and healthcare workers come first, and away from idiotic scripts and signage, standard uniforms, valet services, luxurious lobbies, unsafe nurse:patient ratios and placating to those who make demands on us we need companions that are bold and on the same mission as us. The following listed are the proposals to ending this ignored and shameful silent national crisis that insults healthcare workers and patients.
1. Rid ourselves of traditional thinking to create the future.
2. Deflate customer service to a byproduct and not the driving force.
3. Leadership.
4. Endorse healthcare workers as valuable and trustworthy.
5. No one gets fired because of customer dissatisfaction.
6. Clinical outcome and safety of healthcare workers and patients first.
7. Dismiss those who annoy us.
8. Siding with employees and coworkers.
9. NEVER see the ill or injured as clients, customers or guest.
Evaluation/Outcomes: The literature is inundated with articles that list a plethora of reasons as to why rating healthcare is a slippery slope. The MOST dramatic of those, that the most satisfied patients not only spend the most on healthcare but they are most likely to be admitted and most likely to die. Rating healthcare has been a failure. Yet, NO one is interested.

Implications for Practice: Chasing profits, outsiders took healthcare in the wrong direction claiming it was in the patient’s best interest. However, the healthcare worker, seen by the public as the most honest profession and with the greatest ethical standard of any industry, is who advocates in the patient’s best interest.

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