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What just HAPPENED!?!

I came across this post in the Facebook news feed with the following comment, "This is why the age of a nurse does not indicate level of experience...and a link to the original article. A comment and article I found nonproductive for healthcare and not to mention prejudice with regard to age.

Because of the disappointing comment and article, and bias towards age I posted the following comment to the original post.

The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner's Perspective I find to be a bunch of elitist, this [the original post] being another example, and if [one is] NOT with their idiot-ology we get excommunicated, myself twice. Why does age matter? There is a shortage of healthcare workers, EXCLAMATION POINT! We NEED nurses! Articles like this one, and many others on, DO NOT help healthcare!


That was what I posted.

This was someone’s reply to my post above:

Wow.. where do you work that so many are being abused? Your page is enough to make most run away from nursing. I live by this: I pay you to provide to me a service. I have the right to question your findings and not agree with you. When i make an appointment and you triple book me, you are causing me a loss of income. So take your attitude when I tell your MA that she is taking my b/p wrong and shove it! I am a nurse and I do know what I am talking about. Show me the same respect I show you.


Not sure what that had to do with my discontent with the comments, article, bias, and I replied with the following rant of my own:

Let me see if I can help you understand my pages, knowing you might not want to [understand]. First, I am sure you know, whether you are or not in healthcare, that healthcare directed violence is rampant, worldwide. However, my pages are not so much about the violence in healthcare, as that is NOT new, or even the time, money, and efforts that are wasted catering to customers, clients, or guest, whichever you prefer, over healthcare workers [since that seemed to be the rant]. Instead, my pages are that healthcare workers MUST navigate ALL of those exhausting minefields, ALONE, just to stay safe and/or keep our jobs as healthcare administrators look away chasing profits.
As to how you live, none of which is my business, allow me to share with you my pages’ position. Healthcare is like NO other industry NONE! And…
-the only industry which provides care and NOT services
-the only industry with patients
-the only industry with our waiting room
-the only industry in which care is sought during some of the worse moments of our lives and during inconvenient times, for uncertain, unpredictable and volatile choices in places that are unknown, unpleasant and unforgiving
-the only industry where regardless of disposable income or time care is sought after and rendered
-the only industry whose workers maintain the public’s confidence year after year as the public has recognized us as the most honest profession and with the greatest ethical standard of any industry
-most significant, healthcare is the only industry where workers go to battle for every “so-called customer” and when “so-called customers” succumbs—we cry for them as well; as the overwhelming number of patient experiences are rewarding for both healthcare workers and patients.
That said, you will NOT find that care, which you misunderstand as service, at your dry cleaner, car wash, hotel, or even at Burger King where you get to have your service “your way”.
Of course, you get to question my findings and disagree with the treatment plan as disagreement is NOT a hate crime or a crime at all. What you DO NOT get to choose is a treatment plan that is clinically inappropriate. In healthcare, unlike other industries, we use “No” to mean “Yes”. For example, “No, you cannot have the chocolate cake when your blood glucose is 500+mg/dL.” But what we mean is, “Yes, I care about you and your health and want you to be healthy for those who love you.”
I also agree that you should NOT have to wait or overstay your appointment time. But I am sure you wouldn’t mine I spend extra time explaining something, or that you want to add another medical complaint to the one your appointment was for, or that your condition worse than thought and you needed more attention than was originally scheduled. All common and why we fall behind seeing patients. I agree, everyone wants extra time spent with them and I DO NOT mind sharing it with them. What I DO NOT agree with is that those same persons [who want the extra time of them] DO NOT want me to share the same extra time to others.
Another theme of my pages [is that] by no means am I suggesting patients cannot complain as they are simply venting their frustrations, anxieties and feelings of powerlessness.
However, in healthcare unlike other industries, we are attempting to preserve the quality of life and prevent the loss of life rather trying to sell you a product over the competition’s product, big difference.
Thus, I promote that rather placate to customer satisfaction, healthcare would benefit most, if we placed all our energy, time and money on clinical outcomes and the safety of healthcare workers and patients.
A patient’s tantrum is behavior you, healthcare worker or not, and healthcare administrators would NOT accept at home. Yet, [you], patients, families, and healthcare administrators want us to accept that venomous behavior from those we are helping.
I say dismiss those who annoy us. Dismiss the rude. The entitled. The abusive. The demanding. And those who have taken us down the wrong tracks, like By dismissing those who annoy us it frees us to focus on those who value, trust and appreciate us for the care we give.
On ALL these themes I advocate for, I say we must stand with one another in solidarity and side with loyal employees and coworkers over outsiders, the petulant, unreasonable, angry, demanding and those who tread on us.
And why on my pages I promote, DO NOT confuse placating with advocacy as indulging those who make unreasonable demands leaves us vulnerable.
Lastly, more than anything, I promote that we must get rid of the IDIOT-ology [sic] that patients are customers, clients, or guest. They are NOT! They are patients, ill or injured, and ONLY healthcare has patients!
I am well aware of the wrath, and have the scars to prove it, for not drinking the Kool-aide like you have suggested. Yet, when administrators [and others] like you say to me, “You better pick your battles wisely, Mister!” My answer, “I have!” Because picking your battles is a position of convenience. As anyone who has fought any battle will tell you how inconvenient that is.
[ALL] that said, you obviously missed something from my post. My comment was how is an elitist organization and the mentioned article was another example of that because of its bias comment about age and how such narrow-mindedness views DO NOT help healthcare with its shortage of healthcare workers. In my post, I prefaced my point with, “I find,”—meaning, “In my opinion.” That said, you and anyone else could disagree with my words. And that is just fine [because] as mentioned disagreement is NOT a hate crime or a crime at all.
But rather disagree [with my post, you], instead, went into your EXAGGERATED UNREALISTIC EMOTIONAL EXPECTATION rant. Which is okay. However, when you or anyone else does the same I dismiss them. One more thing about my pages, I am unapologetic with regard to taking healthcare back to MAKE HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN! Please, DON’T reply. Ciao.


Some will say I was unprofessional or hit back too hard. However, I should NOT be at fault for hitting back so hard the person wakes up next week wearing diapers, sucking on a pacifier, wearing a bib and baby bonnet with a baby rattle in their hand not knowing what just happened after that person took a swipe at me. That said, I am sure it was just my emotional intelligence failing me again. Sarcasm there! Of course, I could turn the other cheek too. However, this has gone on TOO LONG in healthcare and as long as healthcare allows itself to be a door mat not only will others walk ALL over us they will wipe their feet on us as well. #SILENTNOMORE

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