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Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction, NOT!

Came across this blog post shared by The Nerdy Nurse. Quite impressed by what I read I sought more to read from the blog. Unfortunately, with reading I read a blog titled "Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction; can we beat it?" Disappointed by that blog I fell compelled to contact the author about it and this is that contact submission.
Hello, came across your article, “Dear America, You need to be nice,” and thought, “WOW!” The article was that good. But then read, “Patient satisfaction = Nurse satisfaction; Can you beat it?” [and was quite disappointed as] that reading did NOT go so well and here is why.
In 2012, I published “The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective.” It is about customer satisfaction in healthcare as our great nation’s silent national crisis, which you so well described in “Dear America, You need to be nice”. I wrote it as rating healthcare has NOT done a single thing for healthcare and even Fred Lee, who you quote in our piece, will admit to the disaster rating healthcare has done to healthcare.
That said, your Fred Lee quotes, “[this is going to pinch]”, is Fred Lee 2.0. The Fred Lee you left out was the 1980’s Fred Lee who, along with others, thought “Healthcare Service Excellence” was healthcare’s “new frontier” and the cure to improving healthcare’s quality and cost. The strategy was to learn from the service industries by taking their scripts and signage and adopting them for healthcare with the idiot-ology [sic] that healthcare workers were “just like waitresses”.
Instead, what we got is the overwhelming amount of collateral damage left behind, which we see in healthcare today. Their cash cow drying up Fred Lee and cohorts repackaged their impotent product, which today is known as “Customer Excellence”. An idiot-ology you believe we need to embrace if we are going to improve the satisfaction of nurses.
Fred Lee and his cohorts are VERY GOOD sales persons as you appreciated in his TedTalk. DON’T feel bad about being duped, you are NOT alone. Fred Lee and company have convinced many in healthcare that he had the right formula, yet, in 30+ years Fred Lee and company have NOT delivered. I take that back, Fred Lee has done very well for himself, charging $10-15k for his talks. Not that I find a problem with that, good for him, he has a product some are willing to pay for, even if it’s a product that is impotent. In case you are NOT aware, Fred Lee is NOT a healthcare worker but a life-long administrator and sales person. Again, not that there is anything wrong with that but shouldn’t healthcare workers be the ones driving the healthcare wagon? His time at Disney gives Fred Lee credentials of a good doer, and that might be so, however, his idiot-ologies [sic] have NOT been good for healthcare.
As to the reimbursement of healthcare from third-parties it’s a bit more complicated than you make it to be in your piece. I have been on this topic for more than 15 years now. Way before the Affordable Care Act. Ironically, tonight the U.S. Senate is working overtime on some version of healthcare for our great nation. I have petitioned Senators and Human and Health Services only to run into road block after road block. After 15+ years, this is my conclusion, healthcare is NOT broke but as intended, customer retention for profits. And this customer service/excellence you mention, as ALL healthcare workers have to do to beat negative reviews is simply “learn how to re-word everything you say so you can appeal to your audience,” is NO more than naïve. Again, not your fault as you are regurgitating the gospel from the best out there on the topic, Fred Lee.
On that note, I get your validation, the truth hurts. Yes, I know. My quote is, “The truth hurts. But it’s NOT the truth’s fault.”
Healthcare IS about saving kids, and seniors, and juniors, and adults, and ALL of us, fat, tall, cute, ugly, skin, short, and even those with magenta hair. ALL OF US! Actually, healthcare is ONLY about caring for the health of us ALL by improving our quality of life and saving lives when needed. Healthcare is NOT a service industry! Healthcare is about caring for the health and lives of ALL of us and NO other industry can make that claim so why compare us to other industries.
Of course, Fred Lee is NOT the only one responsible for healthcare’s demise but he is someone you know of, even if only through his TedTalk. However, healthcare is the responsibility of healthcare workers and NOT anyone else to steer it in the right direction without compromising healthcare workers or patients.

Just my two sense [sic]. I hope you find the time to chat about this very important topic and our great nation's silent national crisis that is rating healthcare. @TheKnittedBrow

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