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Disclaimer: In 2012, I published “The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective” and have presented my thesis inside and outside the USA. While provocative it is a useful contribution to the many current healthcare debates going on at many levels in our great country. One of those debates the “massive nursing shortage”, as others want to misrepresent it.
There is NOT a shortage of nurse. Nurses are plentiful. Instead, there is a mass exodus! NOT only of nurses but healthcare workers in every specialty and at every level, myself included. We are leaving the profession of helping others because we are miserable and frustrated with a system that is NOT broke but instead as intended—PROFITS FIRST! Myself, after 30+ years in healthcare in many capacities, the last 15 years a Nurse Practitioner, leaving as well.
This mass exodus of healthcare workers in the USA is NOT new! And while many have suggested many causes I am the ONLY one who has attributed the exodus and MANY of healthcare’s other shortfalls to healthcare’s obsession with the rating of healthcare.
The telltale evidence: Ask any healthcare administrator and/or pundit, what benefit has rating healthcare brought to healthcare in the last 30+ years? They always find it a difficult question to answer. Why?
Rating healthcare is a metastatic cancer that has affected EVERY aspect of healthcare without benefit and has ONLY left behind an OVERWHELMING amount of collateral damage. Collateral damage that includes but is NOT limited to: (1) Decreased access to healthcare as so many healthcare organizations have closed their doors after failing in the survival of the of the fittest race. (2) Healthcare directed violence, which has become more frequent, more brazen, and more violent. (3) Bad outcomes, which kill tens to hundreds of thousands every year due to medical errors and/or unnecessary treatments. (4) Increase cost overall. (5) Poor nurse:patient ratios. (6) The opioid epidemic. (7) BILLIONS of dollars LOST to fraud, waste, and abuse. (8) BILLIONS more WASTED from chasing satisfaction scores without moving that needle. (9) And, as a result of ALL those tragedies, increased healthcare worker turnover and/or the mass exodus leaving healthcare, FOREVER, like myself.
Healthcare pundits claim healthcare workers are leaving healthcare, especially nurses, in droves because of what healthcare pundits have labeled as “compassion fatigue” and/or “burnout”. Nothing can be further from the truth. We leave for NO reason other than the misery and frustration, which drags us down, as we must navigate, ALONE(!), the above listed exhausting minefield just to stay safe and/or keep our jobs. That is the reason we leave and NOT fatigue as NO one fatigues from helping others.
Again, healthcare is NOT broke but as intended—focused on customer retention for profits, by any means necessary, and customer satisfaction is just a ploy for those goals!


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